Visiting Switzerland (6-3)

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Sep 25, 2011 00:38
I consulted my guidebook and found that name in it. That was a town which had a hot spring and was located between Montreux and Geneve. I love bathing in hot spring. Although I did not think that I had a time to enjoy it in this journy, I had a swim suite for case. I decided to call at there and got on the train. The train run by a lake. There were huge vineyards. It is registered as a world heritage. Althing was huge and beautiful, I did not understand why it was registered. After leaving there, the train arrived at Yverdon-Les-Bains. I got off the train and walked to the hot spring center. It was difficult to buy a ticket to enter because a member of the staff at reception speak only French and did not use English. In addition, there were no information in English, only in French! But she said "only pool?" in Enhlish. I answered "Yes". It was enough in that situation. I could buy a ticket. Although the hot spring looked like a pool, the water smelled unique and it indicated that it was a hot spring. I enjoyed myself in it so much!