Visiting Switzerland (6-2)

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Sep 24, 2011 23:52
It was so bright that I had to use sunglasses to enjoy the beautiful sight because my window was oriented to the south. But suddenly, out side of the window changed white and I could not see anything after going through a tunnel. Although I saw opposite side window, the situation was same. The train ran though dense fog or clouds. It seemed that the weather was so different between this side and other side of the tunnel. If it was correct, there must be some sources of vapor this side of the tunnel. I looked for them inside of the white world and found a huge lake which was named Lake Geneva. It must be a source and it was understandable why the dense fog or clouds were made. It may be a kind of "steam fog". It was consistent withe the description in the textbook of aviation, too. It was interesting.
The fog was getting clear and I arrived at Montreux station. What I had to do that day was going to Geneve by the evening. It was around noon and it would take only two hours to go there. I had too much time. I thought what I should do. I saw an electrical billboard at the platform and I found the word "Bains" in it. Although I did not know French, I knew that "Bains" meant hot spring. The electrical billboard indicated that the train would come soon to go "Yverdon-Les-Bains".