Bar in a collage

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Sep 24, 2011 18:19
Just before we finish our job, my co-workers invited me to go to a bar in the collage which is located next to our office and one of them were graduated from. I was surprised that there was a bar in the collage. He said that it is common in the UK that collages have their own bars in them. The bar was located 5th floor and it was a wide dance room and a terrace. The costs of drinks were cheaper than ones in other bars in the town. It was so busy by the students and staffs of the collage. Especially, it was Friday evening. It was natural to be busy. We bought drinks and move to the terrace because they smoked (of course, I did not.). I could not drink alcohol and I drank a cup of coke.
We talked about our present jobs, feature projects, other science topics, and etc. It was quite good time to communicate each other and to train English conversation skills for me. One of us asked me how did I think weather electric devices were harmful for our health or not include mobile phones and our study devices. I answered that "I don't know tehy are safe perfectly or not. But I believe that they are absolutely safe. At least, I can say as a medical doctor that they are much safer than smoking." They flashed ironical smiles.
We talked about Births cultures. One of us said "Smart people did not come to science research fields but come to banks and earn their own money in the UK. They work hard and hard for ten years, retire them when they are young and enjoy their life after retirements. Not like us. (^_^;) We must not be smart!" I said "Unfortunately, it may be same in Japan. Smart people may not research sciences. We are fool. (^_^;) But I did not think it is good way that work hard when they are young and enjoy after retirement. I had many patients who die young or confined to their bed when they are young. It is important that we are happy both now and future."
We enjoy ourselves for an hour. It was a good time. Although it seems strange that the collages have their own bar in them and students and staffs drink in it for Japanese, I felt that it is good culture.