Visiting Switzerland(5-2)

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Sep 22, 2011 15:37
I had enough time to enjoy there after coming back from the observatory; yunnguhurauyahho.
So I walk around the mountains around the town.
Every mountain wore belt-like clouds at the same altitude.
It meant that the dew point and the temperature were matched at the altitude. It was coincident with the description in the textbook of aviation weather. It was interesting. I climbed higher than cloud base level, I was encompassed with a dense cloud. The visibility was sometimes less than 100 feet. I could not see anything. Then I heard the sound of the bell which was hanged from the neck of cow. Although I could not see a cow, I knew sound source. A cow must be there. I walked to look for it carefully and found it. Aha, the sound of the bell was very useful to find them. I thought that the bell hanged from the neck might be animal abuse because the sound may cause them noise-induced deafness and dizziness. But it must not such level of the problem. The bell must be needed for dairy farmer to breed them in this circumstance. If I had not come and seen this situation by myself, I would not have understood the importance of the bell. I was happy to have a chance to know there couture.
My fifth day in Switzerland finished.

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