Electricity expense

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Sep 22, 2011 05:28
Nine months has passed since I moved in this flat. But I have never paid correct electric fee yet. Of course I had paid them almost for half year. But a few months ago, the electronic power company said that I did not pay the fee at all. I claimed that it must be wrong because I had paid them. They looked for the cause of this problem and found that there were mainly two causes; they allocated three different customer account numbers for me and the electric meter in my flat was out of order. Then, they changed my account number and replaced the meter. It was a few month ago. They said they would recalculate my fee for a half year. I understood their explanation and agree to their proposition. But I got four different bills for electric fee the other day. One said it was 250 pounds, others said 200 pounds, others said 3 pounds, others said 0 pound. In addition, all bills indicated my new correct account number. What happens?! I sent a mail to the company to ask about these bills. Which one was correct? How much should I pay? Then, they replied soon and said all of them were incorrect, the fee was almost 150 pounds, they would send another correct bill. They said that I should not pay it now and please wait to another one. Today, I got a new bill and it indicated that the fee was 300 pounds. What is it?!