Visiting Switzerland(5-1)

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Sep 22, 2011 04:45
My fifth day in Switzerland, I planed to go to the Jungfraujoch to enjoy beautiful sights. Jungfraujoch is one of the most famous observatory in European countries, which is located on the top of the mountain and we can go there by train. Although it can command beautiful sights, it depends on the weather. It is well known that bad weather often prevent us from enjoying sightseeing at the observatory. It's a matter of luck. I ready to spend whole day to get a chance to have a beautiful sight at there, so I got on a train to go in early morning. Fortunately, it was fine except for the north part of the observatory when I arrived at there. The most important direction is south from there to see the huge glacier which was called Aletschgletscher. I gazed in wonder at the glacier from there. In addition, I could see three famous mountains; Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. It was perfect! Two hours flew fast. Some cloud began to gather over and covered the sights. Then, I decide to leave there. I heard that it is suitable to enjoy hiking around the railway so I planed to enjoy it. But dense fog prevented me from doing it. I had to go back the base of the mountain. Anyway, I enjoyed beautiful sight from the observatory and I was satisfied.

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