Visiting Switzerland (4-2)

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Sep 21, 2011 06:19
After a 30 minutes travel, I arrived at the observatory. I saw Matterhorn with full moon and a glacier. It was absolutely beautiful! I used the first train to come, there were only a few people in the observatory. I enjoyed the beauty so much in the quiet condition.
There was the other observatory which I wanted to go around Zermatt. There were two reasons I was interested in; it might command beautiful sights and it was located absolutely high altitude. Its altitude was 3,820 m above sea level; it was higher than the top of Mt. Fuji! I was interested in such a condition as a medical doctor.
It was still 8 o'clock. I had still enough time before leaving Zermatt for Grindelwald. I descended from Gornergrat obserbatory to Zermatt and I got on rope-ways to go to the other observatory; Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. After two hours leaving Gornergrat, I arrived at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The sight from there was so beautiful! I inadvertently run to the place which commanded better sights and I felt dizziness. It was 3,820 m above sea level. It caused us hypoxia easily. It was interesting. I observed changes of my physical conditions as a medical doctor.
I saw Matterhorn at eye level and a huge glacier spreaded below my feet. I got lost in the magnificent view of the nature. The sight from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise was much better than one from Gornergrat. I thought that I was happy to be there. I took many photos absorbedly.
I was satisfied with the great sight and left there. I got on a train at Zermatt station and went to Grindelwald. Although the route from Zermatt to Grindelwald was complex; it was not so hard for me because I send my suitcase by "Reisegepack" previous day and I did not have to carry it by myself. After three hours I left Zermatt, I arrived at Grindelwald. I went to the station office to receive my suitcase and went to the hotel with it.
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