Pest control

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Sep 21, 2011 02:53
I felt too bad smell when I came to my office this morning. It is too bad to breath! I opened all windows in my office room. The smell indicated that there was something rotten in the room. But I did not have something in mind. There were no food and no fresh materials in my room. I look for something rotten. The source of the bad smell seemed around my desk. But I did not find anything bad around my desk. I gave up looking for and sat on my chair. I felt too bad smell strongly. The source must be very close....
I looked down and found! A mouse was dead under my desk! I rapped it by a plastic bag and dealt with it.
There are many mice in London. We can see them easily especially in tube stations. Although we can see them in Japan, it is easier in London. The word “Pest control” is used for extermination of harmful insects in English, not only for “Pest”. It is famous that the pest killed many people in European countries in 14 centuries. But pest is not so common in Japan. The word “Pest control” did not mean very much to me when I learned the word. But now, I can understand that the pest must be serious problem especially in old European countries because there were many mice in there.