Udon (うどん) and Cream tea

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Sep 20, 2011 02:31
Udon (うどん) is one of the quite common soup noodles in Japan. Generally speaking, western Japanese prefer to eat it. (Eastern Japanese like Soba insted of Udon.) Kagawa prefecture is famous for its Udon; Udon made in Kagawa has special name “Sanuki-Udon (さぬきうどん)” because it’s taste is so good. People in Kagawa often eat Udon; some of them eat it every day. So they are specialist of Udon. There are many Udon shops all over the Kagawa prefecture. The taste of Udon depends on the shop. Some shop serve extra dericious udon, other shop serve not so great one. Some guide books were published where the good shop located in Kagawa.
I lived in Kagawa for 6 years during I was a university student. Although I’m not specialist, I ate it so many times. I know that the time to go to the udon shop is one of the most important factors to eat delicious udon. You could not eat delicious udon if you went to the shop in wrong timing even in famous udon shop. The choice of shop and timing is very important. When I live in Kagawa, I took care of it to go to udon shop.
I live in London now and I often go to tea room to have cream tea; cream tea is composed of tea and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. It is so delicious! Cream tea is one of the GREATEST British cultures, I think. I have a tea room which I often to go. Their cream tea is delicious and not so expensive. Usually I go there around noon before it is getting busy. But I went to there evening yesterday and I found that the taste of cream tea was not same as one I usually eat! The taste is better around noon than one in the evening. I found that the shop and timing are important to have good cream tea in tea rooms, too.