Visiting Switzerland (3-3) - Jugoya (十五夜)-

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Sep 19, 2011 03:10
During the diversion, the trains run through the northern Switzerland. It was interesting that the sight was different from ones which I saw in south west part of Switzerland. The land was flat and there are only a few mountains; they were not so high. It was similar to ones in the UK. I changed trains at Zurich, Spiez, and Visp. Finally I arrived at Zermatt station with minor delays. I went to the office of the station and request the refunding for the partly cancelation of Glacier Express. It was my English conversation training. A member of the staff understood my English and refunded 33 CHF. I went out the station, looked up, and found the existence of Matterhorn. How huge it was! That night was Jugoya (十五夜). Although Jugoya is a kind of full moon night, it was special full moon night for Japanese. I wanted to take a photo of the full moon with Matterhorn. The Matterhorn was located west of Zermatt. So it would be a early morning when I could see the full moon in same direction of Matterhorn. So I set my alarm clock to ring at 6:00 a.m. and went to bed. My third day in Switzerland finished.