Visiting Switzerland (3-2)

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Sep 19, 2011 03:09
The train departed from St, Moritz on time and run through Alps. The forests along a railway line were still encompassed with fog. I enjoyed mystic sights. The conductor came to us and gave a paper which instructed us how to divert between Chur and Visp. Although the divert route was longer than original one, we could use high speed trains between Zurich and Bern, then the arriving time at the destination (Zermatt) was not so later than original arrival time, he explained. I got off the Glacier Express and change trains at Chur. I thought that it was not convenient; I had to change trains at least 4 times that day and I had to change trains 3 times next day. In addition the hotel in Zermatt was slightly far from the station. I did not want to carry heavy suitcase such a complex way. I knew that there were baggage transport system which was called "Reisegepack", which was a baggage transportation system for train passengers, in Switzerland. So I decided use it to send my suitcase from Chur station to Grindelwald where I would stay next day. Then, I could move with only a backpack without suitcase. It was convenient.
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