Visiting in Spain to meet my friends

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Sep 4, 2011 00:44
I have friends; they are couple and live in Spain; the man is Spanish and the lady is Russian. I met them in Japan five years ago. The lady, who is Russian, was a medical doctor and my co-worker in a hospital in Sendai, Japan. She visited Japan to learn some special technique and I visited in the same hospital to learn it, too. Although we spent only two months together, we enjoyed many things on weekend with her husband who is Spanish. After two month training in Sendai, I went back to Osaka. After one year, they got a job in Spain by chance and they had to go back to Spain. Just before going back to Spain, they came to Osaka for sightseeing. I took them to Nara and Kyoto. In addition, I took them to Itsukushima shrine, Hiroshima by small airplane because he loves airplane. We enjoyed ourselves so much! Finally, I saw them off at Kyoto station. We made a promise to see again in Spain next time. But Spain is little bit far from Japan. I had not had chances to visit there. But I moved to London for my job and am living in there now. The UK is not far from Spain. It is a chance to keep our words. So I took a week holidays to meet them in Spain. They live in Blanes and his parents live in same town. In addition, her father, who is Russian, visited their flat at the same time. So I got chances to have some interesting experiences; enjoying Spanish couture , sightseeing in Spain, and enjoying Russian culture! In addition, I went to France because Blanes is near from France and I have never been in France and wanted to be there. I spent exciting days in there with them.