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Aug 26, 2011 17:28
My boss is a world famous scientist and a British gentleman. Yesterday, he went to a club with me and my Japanese co-worker to offer hospitality to an important dignitary from Japan. Of course, it was the first time for me to visit a ‘club’. My boss said that I had to wear my jacket with tie to come to the club. It was a quite British club and only the member of the club and his guest can visit. Until twenty years ago, no woman could visit because it was a ‘gentleman club’. Now, although women can come as a guest of the member, they cannot become members, I heard. (On the other hand, there are some women’s clubs in London and no men cannot visit there, I heard.) The club was located in the centre of London and it was a luxurious house which was owned by a millionaire who was world famous man. At first, we put our stuffs at the cloak in the entrance and got in a bar which was located in the ground floor. It was an elegant room. Some beautiful paintings were put on the wall and some sculptures were put in the room. We enjoyed conversations over drinking for a while. After the pleasant chat, we went around the house to see. It was an elegant house and I felt as if I were in the world of a film. Then we moved to the restaurant which was located in the first floor. There were so many choices in the menu and I did not know most of the food in it. I asked my boss which was the most British one, because I wanted to enjoy British culture. He recommended me to choice a ‘Roast Goose’ because it was quite British. I ordered it. We Japanese were surprised when we saw it. It had feathered legs and we could image the form of a goose. I thought some Japanese cannot eat it because it is so graphical. But I was medical doctor and was a resident of surgeon. I had seen many ‘vivid’ things. So I tried operating a surgeon to eat it. It was small goose and there were not so many parts to eat. Although I am a quick feeder, it took longest time to eat the dinner than other ones. Finally, we saw off the guest to the hotel and my work finished. It was a good experience which was not easy to have.