Chipping Camden

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Jul 31, 2011 19:21
I visited Chipping Camden which is one of the towns in the Cotswold by a coach tour. It was Saturday and the town was crowded with visitors. It was pretty small town and the houses have unique coloured walls and it created an unique atmosphere. It is said as golden honey colour. I joined the tour with my Japanese co-worker who had never been in Cotswold, too. He did not take his breakfast and he was hungry. I heard that Cotswold is the birthplace of cream tea. We have sweet teeth. So we got in a tea room and ordered it. There are various kinds of scone and their tastes are depends on the tea rooms. The tea room served relatively standard one. The tastes of teas are depends on the tea room. The tea was delicious, I thought. After having the cream tea, we walked around the town. I found someone riding on the horses on the road. We seldom see such a sight in Japan. I felt that I was in the UK. I found a church and got into it. Although it was small one, it had a flavor of sublimity. I had only one hour to visit there, so time flew very rapidly.