Visiting Cotswold (Abstract)

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Jul 31, 2011 18:49
Cotswold is a name of the area located western of London and it's beautiful sight is very famous among Japanese. Although I wanted to go there, I had never had a chance to be there. Finally, I went there yesterday. There are few public transportation to go there. So I joined a couch tour which was held by Japanese tour agent. It took about two hour from London. It is hilly district and pretty old town are scattered over the area. The highlight of the tour is visiting and walking around in these towns. The tour took me four towns; Chipping Camden, Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-water, and Burford. The tour coordinator explained that the 'Cotwold' means 'Hill of sheep' and was flourished by wool industries about 800 years ago, before industrial revolution. But it declined after industrial revolution and railways did not come there. So the old British sight was kept. And she said that there are some roads made by Roman; they came there to get metals. There are mines of tin, copper, and iron in England and they made roads and inn towns to convey these metals. I wondered why the industrial revolution happened in England; it is cold and there are many rainy days, the natural condition is not convenient to live. But her explanations make me understood. I saw a old houses built a few hundred years ago. Some of them existed the era when the Puritan Revolution happened. I had a lunch at a hotel build three hundred years ago. It was interesting. But we Japanese have Nara and Kyoto, which are old capitals of Japan and they were flourished more than thousand years ago. There are many temples and shrines built more than thousand years ago in these areas. So, I rethought the values of these areas. I had a good opportunity to think about our Japanese cultures again to visit Cotswold.