Lost of connection to the internet

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Jul 27, 2011 00:19
Suddenly, my note PC could not connect to the internet! It stumped me. The mobile phone and personal computer with internet connection are most important devices to live in a foreign country. To make matters worse, I have not made system backup of the PC for a few months. I wanted to recovery it. So try to find out the cause of this trouble. At first, I used auto recovery system in the operation system. It found the cause but it did not show the way how to recover from the problem. Although I looked for the information about it on the web by using another PC, I did not get enough information to recover it. I found myself in a stew. I thought that I could not help using recovery data which I made a few month ago, I would lose some data. Before doing it, I thought I should consult my friend; I have some friends who are good at using PC in Japan. So I sent a mail to one of them to know how to recover from this situation. He sent me a reply, soon. He wrote that he did not know how I should do. But he explained me the meaning of the error message. I thought I might be onto something. I changed some setting of the PC, and then the PC could connect the internet! I’m very lucky! Just now, I’m making new backup image file to avoid similar problem. PC with internet connection is a something we cannot live especially in the foreign countries.