Coffee in London

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Jul 26, 2011 01:01
I love drinking coffee. I used to drinking much coffee every day in Japan before coming to London. So I was worried whether I can enjoy it when I got my Job in London, because I believed that the British love drinking tea, not coffee. However it was needless fear. There are lots of cafes in London! It is easy to enjoy it. Rather, it is not so easy to find a tea room as compared to finding a cafe. After a half year living London, I found some favourite cafes. I don’t like acid one. They provide not acid and still richly-textured coffee. To tell the truth, they are not so cheap. So I can enjoy them only sometimes. Usually, I enjoy drinking cheap instant coffee in daily life.
I had worked so hard for a few days and be tired. I wanted to drink a cup of coffee to gain fresh energy. I heard that there is a good stall which sells a good coffee in front of my office gate. Although I have seen it, I have not called in it. So I decided to try drinking it after lunch. I bought a cup of cappuccino and drunk it in front of the stall. It tasted good. Not acid but richly-textured. I took a fancy for it. It is sunny day, today. I enjoyed myself with tasty coffee under fine sky. I gained fresh energy to work more.