The terrestrial analogue media broadcasting has terminated in Japan.

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Jul 24, 2011 19:02
The format of terrestrial media broadcasting has changed from analogue to digital completely in Japan. The change was decided about 10 years ago and it had been notified by Japanese government again and again. They recommended us to buy new television sets or converting tuners to receive digital format broadcasting. But I decided not to buy them, because I wanted to leave from Japan before the day when the change happens. At last, the day has come and I’m living in London. Fortunately, I got my job and came here a half year before the day. Of course I did not get this job and have any contracts to work abroad when I dicided not to buy them. But I set my mind, because I need an experience to live in English-speaking countries to live out my/our dream. I’m deeply concerned to hear the news in the UK that the termination of the terrestrial analogue media broadcasting in Japan.
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