Classic music concert

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Jul 20, 2011 17:54
My boss said that he would go to the classic music concert after his job and ask us to come with him.
Although I had a lot of things to do, I thought that it was a chance to enjoy London life. So I wrap up my job shortly and went with him and my co-worker. The concert was produced by BBC and was held at Royal Albert Hall. The hall was superb one. There was a long cue to buy a ticket for standing in font of the hall. I was surprised that there is a ticket for standing; I have never heard such kind of tickets for classic music concert in Japan. The ticket for standing was only 5 pounds. It seemed good. But my boss saw the long cue and said we should buy seat tickets to avoid standing in the long cue. It cost 20 pounds. Although little bit expensive for me, I thought it was not expensive to enjoy such kind of music in London. After getting in the hall, I was moved by the sublime of the architecture. And I was surprised again; the space of standing audiences was in front of us; they were standing between the orchestra and seating audiences. I thought that the standing audiences stand back of the seating audiences; so the ticket was cheaper than seating one. But the listening location of standing audience was good! I thought that I should buy standing ticket when I come here again.
The playlist were Weber’s Oberon overture and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. The latter one was difficult for me. It seemed like modern paintings; it needs some knowledge to enjoy them. The former one was relatively easy to enjoy. Especially, I enjoyed the chase between a violin and cello.
Always, I’m passing over with hard work on weekday. But I enjoyed different kind of night in London yesterday.