Planning to my trips in this summer

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Jul 17, 2011 03:42
In Japan, it is not easy to have a long day off. If you have it, you will lose your job. When I was an engineer, a week day off is a longest one. Most people cannot have such long day off. So it is difficult to visit European countries for Japanese, because it need at least one week day off to go. Fortunately, I’m living in London. These countries are not so far from here. It is a chance for me to go. So I’m planning to my trips to European countries. At first, I want to enjoy England more. So I want to go western part of England. Second, I have friends who live in Spain who are Spanish and Russian. I worked with them in Japan a few years ago and we promised that I’ll visit them in Spain in the future when they left from Japan. So I have to go Spain. Although there are many places I want to go in Europe, my job is too busy to have so long day off. But I want to visit one more place during this summer. Where should I go.... I’m thinking about it.