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Jul 16, 2011 19:33
I found a delivery notice at the entrance of my flat. Although I have got some delivery notices, it was little bit different from the others which I received; not a letter but an envelope. I wondered what it was. I opened it. There are long messages printed on it. It was not easy to read it. But I found the word “Import VAT” in it and I understood the main point of the message. The parcel was sent by my acquaintance who is an engineer for making lenses. I’m a scientist in the UK and performing some experiments. Although I need some lenses to perform my experiment, our experiment centre does not have them. Officially, the lenses are so expensive that it is not easy to buy. So I contacted him and requested to make and sent them at a discount. He said that he was willing to corporate my study project and post them. The parcel must be the one, The delivery notice said that I have to pay 45.66 pounds as an import VAT and 13.50 pounds as a clearance fee. So expensive! I bought the lenses at my own expense. In addition, I have to pay 60 pounds! I have to cut short my living cost in London... I have to get a good result because I paid so much!
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