Sixth flight training in the UK

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Jul 10, 2011 20:46
Although I’m a private pilot in Japan and United states, I don’t have a certification in the UK. So I’m student pilot in the UK.
Today, I have sixth flight training in the UK. The task of today’s flight was to improve my navigation technique in the UK. Basically, it is not so difference from ones in Japan and U.S. But there are some differences in the technique. I have to master it before taking the examination to transfer my certification from ones for the US to for the UK. In the last flight, the instructor pointed out some weak point of my navigation technique. So he checked whether my technique was improved or not, today. In the training for getting a pilot licence, the most training are performed by image trainings; real flights cost too much and there are little room in our mind to think something during the real flight. We have to fly in the image before the real flight training. Of course, I flew more than 3 hours before one hour real flight of today. But an image training is not same as a real flight. Wind bumps our small ship and air traffic controllers say something which I did not expected. Real flights are much harder than ones in the image.
We had drizzle just before the taking off time. Fortunately, it stopped. We took off the home aerodrome with my flight instructor. After taking off, we departed to north. Today’s destination is the Oakington aerodrome; it is relatively small aerodrome. It is not easy to find something on the ground, especially for small one. So I have to find with my navigation technique. You may think that it is not so difficult to find something if I use some electrical navigation system; like a GPS. But it is prohibited to use in the trainings and examinations. I have to navigate by using a clock, map, slide rule, paper, pencil, and my brain. After 20 minutes flight I found and flew over it. After that, I flew back to the home aerodrome by using same technique. During the back flight, the weather changed worth. I could not see the left side of our ship. It was difficult to find the grand reference point. I estimated my position by calculation and maintain our flight. Finally, I found my home aerodrome with 2 minutes delay and land safely. Although I don’t have a room in my mind to enjoy the beautiful sight of the UK from the ship, flights always make me feel happy. I’m looking forward to flying next time, too.

Photos were taken by my flight instructor, not me. (^_^;)