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Jul 9, 2011 02:03
Two weeks ago, my co-worker introduced me ‘Marmite’. He explained that it is a British traditional food and someone like it but other ones dislike it. So I said that there is a similar type of traditional food in Japan; it’s ‘Natto’. Although most of Eastern Japanese like it, most of Western Japanese dislike it. A co-worker, who is a Russian, was interested in ‘Natto’ and said he want to eat it. There are some Japanese food shops in London and they have ‘Natto’. So I bought it for him today. Surprisingly, he open the box of Natto, scramble it up with chopsticks well, and ate it; He said that it was not so bad. I was surprised and happy that he completed it; Natto is one of our cultures! A Japanese eats 'Marmite' and a Russian eats 'Natto'; our laboratory is very international one!
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