Milk puzzle test

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Jul 7, 2011 00:27
A Milk puzzle test is one of the famous examinations to select astronauts in Japan. The puzzle is composed of many white pieces without drawing pattern and used to test the capacities for endurance of candidates. It must be painful and suffering task to do for a long hours. Recently, my job is similar to the test. I’m a researcher in biological science in the UK. I’m analyzing brain signal data measured from the subject’s brains. It takes long time and there are many parameters to analyze them. No one knows the best setting of the parameters to get the clear results. So I have to try to analyze again and again to find out the best values. No one knows there is an answer to get it. I cannot help believing that there is. I awaked to be worried about the analysis last midnight. I have repeated the analysis since this morning, too. But I have not got a good answer. It’s like a milk puzzle test.