Rescue mission

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Jul 5, 2011 22:28
My friend come to London and stayed a couple of days. They said that they would leave from London on Thursday morning. But they suddenly rang me Monday afternoon when I worked. They said that they confused and the flight they should use departed at Monday morning; alrady had passed. I think that it is little complex the timetable of the flight from European countries to Asian countries because of the time-zone difference. We lose one calendar day during the flight. In any way, the departing time had already passed. They used a Japanese travel company to arrange their trip and the travel company has a branch in London. So I rang the London office how they should do. They answered that their air tickets were special discount tickets so they could not change their flight. They recommend that my friends should buy another one way tickets. Fortunately, they had seats in some flights which would leave on the night. Although they cost too much, there were no way, I thought. I rang them and explained what I heard from the travel company. They agreed to the idea. I said them to wait at the cafe near my office and rang the travel company to buy the ticks. Half hour after, the tourist send me e-tickets by e-mail. I printed them out and brought them to my friends. At the end, they left from London, safely at the night. They should arrive at Tokyo/Narita airport around this time.
In the foreign country, there are many troubles which we cannot expect even for tourists. I’m living in foreign country; I’m struggling against many troubles every day.