Homework7 Wireless Networks

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Apr 14, 2011 21:12
Along with the wireless networks technical maturity and popular, we gain a lot of benefits from the advantage of wireless networks.
Not only the wireless networks bring many conveniences to humans, but also help people who make use of wireless networks to work and study become better and faster than before. Besides these points, the wireless networks are also good for communication of our world.
Actually, we can buy stuff, use bank, work and study with wireless networks every time. Meanwhile, trough the wireless networks, we can get a large of data whenever we want to find them. In particular, people can make some friends who are a user of wireless networks, too.
It is obvious to find, wireless networks really have a lot of advantages for us that is why we become depend on it so much.

However, wireless networks still have some strong disadvantages.
At first, people’s dependence will become stronger and stronger. The second reason is very dangerous for your computer about that virus enters it become easier. Apart from these that over use wireless networks is not good for health.
As we know, people will be lack of independent thinking if they always receive information from internet. It also can be easy to expose to your privacy when you use the wireless networks. At last, a number of diseases are caused by net addiction appear in our life.
According these reasons, I think we have to be careful and rational when we use wireless networks.