Going To China!!!

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Apr 28, 2009 03:17 study abroad america usa student foreign china exchange
I appreciate all the comments on my last entry with my asking of sites for Chinese language packs. The one I'm using is doing okay, hopefully I can find a good one soon. ^_^

I realize I am not fluent enough to write full sentences in Chinese yet, please be patient with me, beautiful Chinese pals! :D 谢谢!

In one year I think I will be able to start posting Chinese because I am going to China! =) I will be a foreign exchange student in China my senior year of highschool*** I will be in China for five months and try my best to learn Chinese while I'm there. I will also go in college, so that is why I'm only staying five months. ^_^;;;

But I am very worried about school. >_< That is the only thing making me reconsider. I hear Chinese schools are very difficult. I struggle enough with American schools! Are Chinese schools as difficult as I heard they were? Is math and science really that high of a priority there? Because I'm very bad at both!!! X_X

zaijian. =P

***in America we call secondary school 'high school' and we attend four years instead of three.
year 1: Freshman
year 2: Sophmore
year 3: Junior
year 4: Senior