A laboratory drinking.

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Aug 10, 2010 12:21
The day before yesterday, I had a laboratory drinking.
My laboratory junior fellow would go abroad to study this week, so this was a farewell party.

Before the party, I had a part time job of a pastry shop.
I took on the part time job after a long time, so there were some persons who I hadn’t met.
They were almost college senior.
I had a examination for promotion of the part-time job.
I hadn’t studied, I felt that I would pass the exam.

After the part-time job, I went to the drinking party.
We made some confession of recently things.
We went a bar as a next shop.
We drunk a spirytus.
Its alcohol concentration is 96.
It was hard for me.

I miss my junior fellow, but I will try hard as much as he will do.
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