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Apr 21, 2011 15:32 MilkyMintTea made 23 corrections for Remembering
Thanks for sharing!
Apr 21, 2011 05:01 MilkyMintTea made 5 corrections for Writing····
Well we‘re here for you =) Good luck!
Apr 20, 2011 03:02 made 8 corrections for Yoga
I want to wear an exposed dress too!
Apr 15, 2011 20:42 Ges made 8 corrections for Listening
Apr 11, 2011 14:50 Katie made 5 corrections for Lazy
" Now insist that others do not to do, after you can enjoy that others can not enjoy!" This does not make sense in English. &q...
Apr 9, 2011 01:06 卫莱 made 12 corrections for Drunk Driving
Nice job. Drunk driving is also a huge problem in the US, we do not have adequate public transportation and people are forced to drive l...
Apr 7, 2011 13:57 オードリー 오드리 made 12 corrections for Drunk Driving
I agree. I think that the punishment for drunk driving should be enforced more any where.
Apr 7, 2011 12:00 卫莱 commented on I'm losing weight recently
I doubt you are fat, as you are not an American :P Corrections look good. China made me fat when I first went there because I had been ...
Apr 6, 2011 11:10 Jay made 8 corrections for I'm losing weight recently
From what I know about diets, it's best to have multiple meals each day (five or six). Not having dinner would work, but I don't ...
Apr 6, 2011 11:05 Ethan made 8 corrections for I'm losing weight recently
You are doing very well, keep up the good work.
Apr 5, 2011 14:58 Connie made 5 corrections for I'm so tired!
sleep well !
Apr 5, 2011 03:00 オードリー 오드리 made 2 corrections for I'm so tired!
My mom loves to play that game on the computer all the time. I hope you sleep well!
Apr 5, 2011 00:56 MilkyMintTea made 5 corrections for Holidays
Congrats! Your level is not too bad. Keep writing on Lang-8! We've got your back ~_^
Apr 4, 2011 17:25 MilkyMintTea made 10 corrections for Living alone or Living with...
A agree. Thanks for sharing!
Apr 1, 2011 16:12 kensa commented on Living alone or Living with...
I know the difference between the college and the university. Is the college you said 2 years course? Is it popular to live with a room...
Mar 31, 2011 15:08 cccheche commented on Nobody helps me !
did u say me?
Mar 28, 2011 14:36 phoesarah made 6 corrections for Fighting!
I'm not sure what you mean by you need fighting. Sorry. Maybe you mean that you need to study? Maybe that you need ambition?
Mar 28, 2011 02:44 MilkyMintTea made 6 corrections for iphone 4
It is tempting. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Everyone knows that Apple comes out with new models without letting the public ...
Mar 27, 2011 23:34 cccheche commented on iphone 4
you can! I love u 4ever!哈哈哈
Mar 26, 2011 13:32 卫莱 made 6 corrections for The first day