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Mar 21, 2014 10:36
I like watching documentaries and I think that's a good way of learning foreign languages. I have friends who are learning Mandarin and they sometimes ask me the meanings of some words. Words that are newly created and commonly used by young Chinese and Internet users. I would certainly never use those words. I think the language used in documentaries is clear and can be used in writing and formal conversations.

I've been watching a lot of BBC and NHK documentaries, especially documentaries about history and culture. And I've learned so much English and Japanese from those documentaries. I've recently started watching a 12-episode Chinese language documentary made by CCTV. It's about the 9 great powers that have dominated the world in the past 500 years. They are Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, France, German, Russia, Japan, and the US. Even though I can't learn any foreign languages watching the series, it's still very educational.