The surburb Strathfield in Sydney is nicknamed "Korean town&qu...

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Apr 5, 2014 14:31
The surburb Strathfield in Sydney is nicknamed "Korean town" or "little Korea" because there are a big Korean population and many Korean businesses there. I caught up with two Korean friends a few days ago and we went to a Korean sashimi restaurant called "Bada" (Sea in Korean) there.

I've noticed that there are some similarities between Chinese and Korean cuisines. And I discovered one more thing we have in common when I had dinner at "Bada". In the West, people don't seem to put a lot of emphasis on the freshness of their food. People eat frozen fish and chicken. But in China, we'd get live fish and chicken and have them killed, and then cook them.

In the Korean resturant, we ordered a fish and it was taken out of a fish tank alive in front of us, and 15 minutes later, we were presented with our sashimi. I love it! In Chinese resturants here, you can order live fish and they would do the same and then steam the fish for you.
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