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Jun 23, 2012 20:31
I'm watching the Japanese history drama "Ryomaden". It's the story of Sakamoto Ryoma, who is considered to be a great figure in Japan's modern history. Ryoma is said to have introduced many Western ideas into Japan and he was largely responsible for Japan's transformation from a feudal state into a modern developed country. He was assassinated when he was 33.

Ryoma has appeared in numerous Japanese manga and video games. I knew he was a funny guy from reading manga about him, but I had no idea what he had done. The drama is like a history lesson which I should have learned long time ago.

Japanese TV series are usually short, with the exception of history dramas such as "Roymaden". But the drama is pretty interesting, and I think I will keep watching it until the end. At the end of each episode, we are introduced to a place of interest where historical events in the show took place. I wish I could go to Japan and visit the sites.

I have a hobby. I like to read all the materials I can lay my hands on about historical figures and then visit the places where they used to live and work. Sometimes I see their ghosts for a brief moment. I hope to go to Japan one day and meet Ryoma and tell him how inspiring he has been for me.
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