Green Tea

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Jun 20, 2012 22:41
I've decided to have a cup of green tea every day because I read somewhere that it prevents cancer and has lots of health benefits.

Today I passed by a teahouse called "T2" and decided to get some green tea for myself. I asked the staff member for green tea and she recommended three different green teas for me. They are : gunpowder, sencha and Lung Ching. I'd been having sencha and wanted something else for a change. "Gunpowder" sounds stupid, so I picked "Lung Ching". "Lung Ching" is also the most expensive of the three. A small bag of "Lung Ching" costs 20 bucks, which is twice more expensive than gunpowder. I think "Lung Ching" is from Hangzhou, which many believe is the most beautiful city in China. I've heard about it and how good it is but I've never actually tasted it. It's a pity that I have to pay so much money
for green tea imported from China. I used to be able to have it for free.

I'm sleep deprived, so I have to have coffee every day. I'm glad to find that green tea is almost as powerful as coffee. I feel pretty good after a cup of green tea.