I've had enough

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May 27, 2012 13:21
I had dinner with my flatmate yesterday at a Japanese restaurant called "Mizuya". Later we met some other friends and had some Korean food and two pitchers of beer. I got back home at 3 30 filled with regret. I've wasted another night.

I could have spent the night at home reading books. I could have done things more meaningful. But all I did instead was eat and drink and engage in meaningless conversations. I hate myself for doing that.

The women I saw on the streets and in the restaurants all wore thick makeup. Yesterday was a Saturday and many of them were drunk. Many of them were trashy. In the Korean restaurant, we were surrounded by Korean people, which gave me the feeling that I was back in Korea. It's a good Korean restaurant located in the centre of the city. The food was good, but I was just not in the mood for eating. There were two guys and two girls siting at the table behind us, and one of the guys, who wore glasses and looked nerdy, was trying to impress the ladies with his conversational gift. He talked non stop. Apparently the ladies didn't speak much English, so they just let the guy do all the talking. Encouraged by their silence and mistaking it for admiration, the guy got more and more excited. I could not take my eyes off the guy because he was so amusing.

I walked home afterwards. I did not even take a shower before I went to bed because I was drunk and tired. I woke up at 12 this morning with a stomachache. I think it's time for me to do some serious thinking because I've absolutely had enough.