My new laptop

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May 23, 2012 20:38
Today I got a new laptop, and that's a Macbook Air!
I had been using a Samsung netbook until it broke down a few months ago. I wanted to bring it to a computer shop to get it fixed, but I was told that a diagnosis alone was gonna cost 60 bucks. OMG!
So I decided to get a new one. I've done quite a lot of research. I've seen tons of reviews and got the conclusion that Apple stuff is the best at the moment.
I've heard that Apple is going to introduce their new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro next month and I know it would probably be better to wait and get the new one. But I just couldn't wait!
So I rushed to a computer shop and got it.

It's truly an amazing machine. I was worried that the size of the screen might be a bit small, but you can actually enlarge images like you do with your iPad or iPhone. The only thing I'm not completely happy about it is the resolution of the display. Maybe that's because I've become used to the retina display that comes with iPhone and iPad.

I myself can't believe that I haven't used a computer at home for a few months. It's good to be able to use a laptop again. What a relief...