A place surrounded by water

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Dec 16, 2012 14:57
I bought a car recently, but I'm not good at driving. In order to improve my driving skills, I go for a drive with one of my friends who has a full license whenever I can.

I went for a drive yesterday. Although I have been in Sydney for quite a while, I'm not really familiar with the city, which is a shame. I didn't know where to go. So I asked my flatmate to recommend a place that was worth a visit. We went to some sort of national park first, but it started raining when we arrived at the park and a walk in the park was out of the question. Then my flatmate thought of somewhere else to go.

The place was surrounded by hills and water. The scenery was amazing. There was a cafe/restaurant sort of place located close to the water. Actually, the area where people ate was on the water, which allows diners a good view. We had dinner there. My flatmate ordered an Angus eye fillet, I a seafood platter. The drizzle and overcast weather made the scenery all the more picturesque. Drinking my wine and enjoying the scenery, I was gripped by a warm, pleasant dizziness.
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