Yum Cha

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Dec 30, 2012 11:12
I had yum cha with a friend on Friday.

I must say I love Catonese cuisine. Chinese food is usually very oily and uses lots of different sauces. Sometimes all I can taste is sauces and spices when having Chinese. Catonese food, however, places more emphasis on the original taste of the ingredients. Steamed fish is a good example. They'd kill a live fish instead of using frozen stuff, and steam it with perfect timing. Steaming is a cooking method that can preserve the food's flavour very well because no oil or water or anything else other than steam is used in the operation.

I think yum cha is also very "clean". Many snacks in yum cha don't contain oil at all. Besides, the Chinese tea we drink when having yum cha is very refreshing. Another good thing about yum cha is that you can sit there for hours, enjoying tea, dim sim and a pleasant conversation with your friends without worrying about anything else.

In a Cantonese restaurant, the waiters and waitresses would talk to you in Cantonese. Some non-Cantonese Chinese people find that off putting. I don't have a problem with that, though. I can understand Cantonese very well and my spoken Cantonese is understandable. I'm reminded of the joy and convenience a foreign language(Cantonese is like a foreign language to many Chinese)can give you every time I have yum cha.