I love Korean food

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Mar 25, 2012 12:49
I had dinner with my friends last night. We went to a Korean restaurant called "Madang", arguably the best Korean restaurant in Sydney.

Every time we go there, there is a long line in front of the restaurant, and yesterday was no exception. Luckily for us, the wait was not too long. We ordered some barbecue and two soups. As always I was totally happy with the quality of the food.

I must say I love Korean food.
There are three criteria Chinese people use to tell whether a dish is good or not. They are: color, aroma and taste.
But I think there's more to Korean food than those three criteria. Korean food is spicy because they eat lots of chilli and garlic. Korean barbecue is hot and fun to make. When eaten together with Korean soju, Korean food is hot, spicy and stimulating.

The only other style of cuisine that delivers a similar experience is Szechuan cuisine. The problem is that Szechuan cuisine and Chinese food in general have too much oil.

As I write this entry, a distant memory suddenly poped up in my mind.
A few years ago, I lived in South Korea. One day, I went to downtown Seoul to meet a long time friend Yuna.

After we sat down in a small cubicle in a sul jip(Korean pub), I had a good look at Yuna. Dressed with immaculate good taste, makeup expertly applied, she'd matured into a beautiful woman since the last time I saw her in Japan.

I cracked jokes with her in my broken Korean. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Just looking at you makes my heart pound violently!" She covered her mouth with her hand and couldn't stop laughing. "Order whatever you want, it's on me!" said Yuna.

After a while, both of us had already had two bottles of soju each, but the amazing energy created by the combination of the spiciness of the food, the atmosphere of the sul jip with its dimmed lighting and this attractive woman made me want to keep it up.

Outside the traffic in downtown Seoul must have been hectic as usuall, but I felt like the passage of time had somehow stopped.