Jiang Hu

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Mar 7, 2012 10:55
I'm doing an internship in a suburb of Sydney called Burwood.
After work, I went to Burwood Library and borrowed a Chinese language book titled "How I look at Louis Cha's novels"

The author of the book Ni Kuang is Louis Cha's friend and a well known bestselling writer himself.

Louis Cha is a novelist that "everyone" in the Chinese speaking world has read. He has written a dozen or so martial arts novels and every one of them has been adapted into tv series and movies many times.

Ni Kuang thinks martial arts novels(Wu Xia novels) are unique to China. "Japan has "Musashi", and the West has "The three musketeers", but they are not Wu Xia novels."

The world of those characters from Wu Xia novels is called "Jiang Hu", which literally means "Rivers and Lakes", but there is really no accurate translation of the word.

In recent years, due to the popularity of martial arts movies such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero", Western audiences are starting to become familiar with the genre. Still, I think not many people understand the meaning of "Jiang Hu".

Are you learning Chinese? If you are good enough to read Chinese, I suggest you read Louis Cha's novels. As Mr Ni puts it, having not read Louis Cha's novels is one of the biggest regrets in life.