The Hongkies are dogs?

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Jan 29, 2012 12:13
Peking university professor Kong Qingdong called Hong Kong people dogs in an online video show.

A Hong Kong guy tried to stop a mainland kid from eating on the train and the guy and the kid's mother engaged in a fierce argument. Mr Kong made the above claim when commenting on the incident.

He gave us a lot of reasons why hongkongers are dogs. They despise the mainlanders, who are supposed to be their compatriots. On the other hand, they like their British masters. They are the British's "willing dogs". The Hongkong guy wouldn't treat a child from Britain or America the way he'd treated that Chinese kid. “how did the British treat the Hong Kong dogs? If they don't listen, the British spank them.” he said.

His remarks have attracted widespread criticism from the Hong Kong media. Even the two main candidates in the Hong Kong cheif executive election, Henry Tang and CY Leung, have responded to Kong Qingdong's comments.

I think Chinese people could be the most racist race in the world. Worse, they're frequently racist against each other. While Hong Kong is now officially part of China, many Hong Kong people don't regard themselves as Chinese. At least they want to draw a clear line between the mainlanders and themselves.

People from Taiwan are even worse. When you ask them if they are Chinese, they say, no, we are Taiwanese. That's the biggest joke I've ever heard. True, Taiwan has achieved de facto independence from China. It's also the only democracy in the Chinese speaking world if I remember correctly. However, that doesn't change the fact that you are genetically and ethnically Chinese.

In China it's the Shanghainese people who are prejudiced against people from other regions. They think they are so sophisticated, that people from other parts of China are all hicks.

I sometimes ask them the question "What makes you think you are better than the others?" I think they are up themselves.

Having lived in an English speaking for many years, I've become a bit of an Anglophile. English is not just a language, it makes you wise. Being part of the civilized world and watching what's going on elsewhere with a laugh, that's what I've been striving for.