Angry, Pissed Off, Upset - Difference

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May 1, 2013 10:42
Once I asked my American friend what the difference of "angry, pissed off and upset" is.

He told me that "angry" is strong, "pissed off" is the same as "angry" and "upset" is not strong.

I think it's a really nice explanation with wit.

Let me try to explain about the difference.

Angry - you get mad, usually this emotion comes with emotional disorder including yelling or shouting and perhaps violent behaviors.

Pissed off - You feel unfair or excessively annoyed so you're not cooperating with people.

A pissed-off person usually wants to be alone or tend to stop talking with a negative/very unhappy face.

Upset - Something makes you feel uncomfortable, and you feel emotional pain.

"Angry" usually includes "upset" but not all the time, and not necessarily with "pissed off"

"Pissed off" can be transferred to "Angry" if you get another negative things.

"Upset" usually stays in "Upset" unless worse events happen afterwards.

Am I right?

upset - 속상하다
pissed off - 삐치다
angry - 화나다