It is raining heavily outside.

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Apr 18, 2011 02:21
It is raining heavily outside. I don't like this kind of weather for many reasons.

First of all,I need to bring an unbrella with me anywhere. It annoys me.

Secondly,at my college students are not allowed to wear slippers.
(I think this regulation is a little bit unreasonable)

So whenever I go to school,my shoes turn wet and full of water.>_<

My shoes are immersed into water.

My foots with water make me feel alittle bit unconfortable and also very itching.

I hope tomorrow it will be a sunny day :-)


因為我必須一直帶雨傘在身邊 !唷 真麻煩.....

還有 我們學校規定不能穿拖鞋



希望明天是好天氣 :D


因为我必须一直带雨伞在身边 !唷 真麻烦.....

还有 我们学校规定不能穿拖鞋



希望明天是好天气 :D
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