Language and cultural differences

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Jan 8, 2009 18:07
The other day I talked about which expression you use when you recommend someone or a friend to start writing sentences in English with my friend.
No.1: Why don't you start writing sentences in English?
No.2: You should start writing sentences in English.
~~~ It's good for you to improve your English.

For me, "No.2 You should" sounds a bit bossy or '生意気', and I don't feel comfortable to use this phrase, but as long as I read English grammar books or something,"should" seems not to have these nuance.
We learned this word as'~すべき’ at school first, so my image or understanding toward ' should' is still strong. Maybe I need to change these images. There are a lot of expressions that I got the different nuance from that of native English speakers. Some of them might occur from differences of each country's background.
By the way, I would be appreciated if you told me another expressions.
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