A senior moment?

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Apr 16, 2010 10:08
This morning, I put in my contact lens as usual after washing my face. It hurt slightly, so I took them out from my eyes, and put them back to the case. After rinsing my eyes(←Should I write it here?)and putting drops in my eyes, I tried to put contacts again, but I couldn't find one of them in the case! I panicked and searched around a sink and a floor; everywhere in the bathroom that was supposed to be. Sadly I couldn't find it. I asked my husband for help, but he also couldn't make it.

I had to prepare for breakfast and husband's lunchbox, so I gave up searching. After my husband leaving home for work, I searched again and the lens was found! As you might imagine, I put two lenses in the same case. I was relived because I don't need to buy new one, but it's really careless of me,isn't it? How stupid I am to do such a thing! Actually I sometimes do these things. Is it a senior moment? I'm in my 50s and forgetful. It is sometimes difficult to remember the name even though I can't visualize ; the name of the movie, names of the famous people and lots of things. It's really distressful for me. Most of you reading my entry journal are young, so it would be difficult to imagine these terrible situations! I know I should do something to improve these situations.