the nuance of the word"sweet"

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Nov 21, 2009 09:42
It is sometimes difficult to catch the nuance of the word, and there are many cases which using that word is difficult even after learning the nuance.
You often say"Conversation is like a catch ball."
It's sometimes difficult for me to say something in English in a natural way as well.
I saw some conversations on the web.
Situation: Speaker A and B know each other, but not a close friend.
Speaker A(man): Hi B, I wrote this topic for you.
Speaker B(woman): ......... That's sweet.

I know "sweet" is casually used to express nice, good , gorgeous and other meanings mainly by women, and I thought this expression was nice
I heard a native-English speaker say"Hi sweetie." to a baby girl. I'm not sure if this is just my feeling or not, but "using sweet" makes me feel embarrassed. Maybe I'm not young enough to use"That's sweet."
If I were Speaker B ,is using "That's sweet" OK? Is this used between these situation?
I were Speaker B, I would say," It's kind of you", or just "Thank you!".
I often feel my writings are not natural and casual; kind of expressions borrowing from a dictionary or seeing on a manner book So, which expression is more natural in this situation? Are there any other expressions you recommend?
Thanks in advance for your corrections and advice.