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Nov 18, 2009 16:13
On Nov.17th, Oxford word of the year 2009 was announced: it was "unfriend"
I didn't know "friend" or "unfriend" were used as a verb.
Is this word(unfriend) mainly used related to the Internet? Are you familiar with it? According to the article, it means" to remove someone as a 'friend' or a social networking site such as Facebook.
Does this sentence make sense?
* I can't bear her anymore, so I decided to unfriend from my friend's list.
Also In Japan, this season of the year, "流行語大賞” has been announced since 1984. Words don't '' sound like academic, but reflect each year's social conditions.2008 "流行語大賞" were "グー!”(a gesture by a comedian) and "アラフォー”( women around forty).
This year's word has not announced yet.

Adding to " unfriend", another words were listed.
Among them, I know only"funemployed".
If you are interested in them, have a look at them from the website below.

It is interesting to know these words because you are able to know the social condition of the times,right?