Small tips to live longer

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Nov 14, 2009 10:01
Every Saturday morning, I enjoy reading articles under the title"Gerontology" in the newspaper. They are about tips about lives of elderly written by a professor and a doctor of medicine. His articles are always humorous and are much to the point.
This morning's title is " Is a progress in technology disadvantageous for men?".
According to the article, with the advance of civilization, life expectancy has been increasing year and year, and statistics show that women live longer than men in every country.
There are a lot of assumptions(←'hypothesis'?) concerning with this result.
One of them is the idea that the advance of civilization is advantageous for women: Compared with men, women are good at keeping with new technology or gadgets such as " new type of car, telephone, anda cleaner; whereas, men are not good at dealing with these ones, and are easy to get stressed out.

The professor introduced a funny talks between an elderly couple.
A retired husband bought a cleaner; a cleaner with a state-of-art computer system. He vacuums the room with it every day, but his wife doesn't like that newest-style cleaner, and says," it works well, but it is like you. I mean, it does work what was ordered, but that's it! If you don't use your brain and body just depending on the machine, you can't expect live longer."
Generally speaking, men are good at handling gadgets or machines like in this case. The point seems not to be about that , but seems to be about flexibility or balance.
Well, concerning with this matter, I am sure to live longer than my husband!