Would you explain about these Halloween jokes?

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Oct 28, 2009 23:24
As you know, Halloween is close at hand, and I've been enjoying reading articles or doing games concerning Halloween these couple of days. I found a funny website, and i read "Halloween Humor", but there were a few jokes I couldn't figure out.Would you tell me why there ones are funny?
1. Why do vampires brush their teeth regularly?
Ans.---To avoid bat breath
I guess 'bat' is a small flying animal, and vampires intend to ...what?

2.Where do Ghosts go sailing?
Ans........Lake Eeerie
I guess "Lake Eeerie" is " Lake Erie". Does it has an image Ghosts appear?

3.Why did Dracula take cold medicine?
Ans.-------To stop his coffin
I guess the word 'coffin' implies ' cough'. Did I get it right?

4.What do mummies listen to at parties?
Ans. ....Wrap music
Why? Accent of two word"wrap" and "rap" and on Halloween, mummies wrap candies a lot.

Thanks in advance for your corrections and your help!