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Oct 27, 2009 00:21
October 31 is the Halloween day, and recently here in Japan a lot of goods and sweets related Halloween are sold at the department stores or shops. Not only children but also adults seem to enjoy parties. I read journals about Halloween on Lang-8 members , and it's fun and I liked them. I also like like seeing Halloween goods and buying candies and sweets, but to be honest ,"Autumn festivals " are more familiar with me as events of this time of year.
Talking of Halloween, I remember a high school student named "Yoshitake Hattori" who was studying in the US as an exchange student in 1992. On Halloween day, he mistook the house that he was supposed to be invited and rang the front doorbell. The owner of the house yelled at him "Freeze", but he couldn't understand the meaning and mistook it as "please" and step back to the house. He was shot to death.
It was really terrible and sad incident, and I do remember the shock when I heard the new on TV. These misunderstanding could happen if you don't catch the meaning correctly or understand the circumstance, right?
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