Eat enough, gain pounds

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Oct 24, 2009 09:02
Yesterday I had a lunch with my parents ,88 years old and 82. Every year of this month, they come out from the countryside where they live to see "Kabuki play,Kaomise" held in Nagoya ,so we meet ,having lunch, shopping and chatting.
Yesterday, we had lunch at a bit prestigious restaurant and enjoyed a seasonal Japanese cuisine, and did shopping and after that we moved to a coffee shop on 52nd floor at a hotel. We enjoyed a seasonal dessert with coffee. Surprisingly, they were able to eat them all! I'm always amazed that they have a good appetite.
Thinking of the total amount of calories, I'm wondering how long I had to keep walking to burn calories!
Anyway, they watched Kabuki today, and returned home. I'm really happy about that.